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Accounting and tax compliance

Well-organized accounting is essential to every company in order to manage the cash flow, meet financial obligations, and plan investments. In addition, correct accounting and tax compliance is important not only for monitoring the company’s financial standing, but also to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and other requirements. Accounting is often time-consuming and complex, which is why it is a good idea to entrust your accounting to us in order to improve the company’s efficiency.

Reporting and budgeting

The company’s Annual Report is the most important source of information for external parties to give an overview of the company’s financial situation and future plans. It is extremely important that the data in Annual Report is correct and the Annual Report looks presentable. Therefore the internal review process is applied to all Annual Reports prepared by us to ensure the highest quality. In addition to reports disclosed to external parties, the company’s internal monthly or quarterly reporting (management reporting) is also relevant, as they give to the Management Board and to investors an important inside view of the company’s financial situation and help evaluate business’ performance to make future projections.

Payroll and related services

Payroll accounting is often the most difficult part of the business, as it is time-consuming, involves the processing of sensitive data, requires accuracy, and the payroll specialist must be aware of constantly changing laws and regulations. By entrusting the payroll and related HR matters to us, you can be sure that the calculations are prepared on time, in accordance with the law, and we guarantee the security of personal data in accordance with the GDPR rules.

Implementation, optimization and other consulting services of accounting functions

We’ll help a start-up or already operating company to establish or improve existing accounting and reporting processes to ensure the company’s efficient use of resources while complying with local regulations.

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